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Durbin street! A street in co-owners Home of Guyana.

This picket basket represents the Queen of England visiting the beautiful country of Guyana. All would dress in their best and carry with them like picnic baskets with goodies in it.

This large wicker picnic basket serves a couple of 2. With sturdy hand-woven construction and flat lid design.


2 Plates

2 sets of silverware

2 Wineglasses

1 Corkscrew

With plenty of space for your food and wine.

The interior color scheme: Navy, burgundy w/pale blue plaid correlates with your ideal picnic outing.


Team | Lot 23 Chandler Co.

Durbin Street Picnic Basket

SKU: DurBacPic23Lot
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    Team | Lot 23 Chandler Co.

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