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About Lot 23 Chandler Co.

Lot 23 Chandler Co. stems from one of the owners childhood, of growing up having to use candles and kerosene lamps as a source of light. She's a South American native who has resided in the US for most of her childhood and adult life. 


The mixture of a flame together with an exhilarating scent like tuberose takes her down nostalgia lane. 


The flame and scent are ceremonial to her. As she remembers it bringing calm to her family's life, during trying times. 


Today she with some help, extends her/their knowledge. 


To her, the ceremony of lighting a candle brings about new discoveries, in a way that supports both appreciation and understanding of the life we live. 


Team Lot23-

Meet The Team


Bahar Amalfard

    Bahar is an Atlanta native who teaches 2nd grade. In her free time, she enjoys boxing and playing with her cat, Ellie. She loves exploring new places and connecting with people. Bahar appreciates how candles can improve moods and have a calming effect. Her favorite scents are lavender and vanilla, but she is always looking to discover new scents!


    Darrius Stephens

    Darrius Stephens is a 29 year old, born January 17th 1993. He's an Atlanta GA native, creative. Darrius is a professional dancer who has performed on tv shows such as step up high water and The World According to Jeff with Jeff Goldblum. He's also been awarded the pleasure of winning an Emmy with his dance team called Dance Champz of Atlanta and it's production company. By the name of Tomorrow Pictures for a show called KQED IF CITIES COULD DANCE on YouTube.

    Outside of that he is your go host at Mary Macs Tea Room and workshop Manager at Lot 23 Chandler Company. Outside of work and dance Darrius has interest in fashion where styling is of focus. He spearheads his day to achieve new discoveries and always putting his best foot forward.


    Dominique Williams 

    Dominique is an Illinois native; however her family originates from Mississippi. She has a sweet little Georgia Peach which she loves to pieces. She is looking to build, connect, and grow as much as our Lord allows. New adventures would have to be pleasure bond, with new energies where she can continue to create positive vibes.

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