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About Lot 23 Chandler Co.

Lot 23 Chandler Co.

Lot 23 Chandler Co, an excellent Brick & Mortar Olfactory Maison.

Is a destination experience for both locals and tourist who seek a sophisticated  olfaction experiences, consisting of Candle-Making or Eau de Parfum iAtelier experiences.


The perfect olfactive experience, + a sophisticated more. 



The idea stems from one of the co-owners background. 


1. Frequent blackouts, that would last anywhere from 1 days or months. 

2. Using candles 🕯 or kerosene lamps as a source of light, when the sun goes down as a result of experiencing blackouts - towards productivity. 


This brought her family closer- As you can imagine during a blackout for which she experienced many. 


3. Lot 23, simple signifies the Lot number to where our co-owners home stands in beautiful South America, Guyana.


4. Chandler signifies a fancy name for a candle-maker; while Co. represents all hands on deck, our amazing team.



5.Maison Ravelle | Lot 23 | Eau de Parfum sector is an Oudh to her mum via Parfum.

A DIY experience which extends - Co-owners way of introducing a niche market on how scent can help you cope, discover, evoke and power- through Olfaction. 


6.We are CS | S certified Parfumer. Yippie! 

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