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This chic electric arc candle lighter is rechargeable, wind-proof, and the perfect length to light candles that are hard to reach!


-Safety on-off switch

-Slide switch to activate the electric arc

-USB rechargeable

-Charge lasts over 100 lights

-Sleek matte grey

-Battery indicator lights

-Super quick and efficient light-up


Electric Lighter | Long

SKU: Lot230031
Excluding Sales Tax
  • How to use:

    1. Switch on the safety on-off button at the base of the lighter.

    2. Slide the main switch upwards to activate the electric arc prongs.

    3. Lightly touch the electric flame to the wick of your candle.

    4. Pull the main switch back to withdraw the electric art prongs.

    5. Move the safety switch at the base of the lighter to off to conserve battery power.


    Simply connect the included USB-C cable to the port at the base of your candle lighter, and connect to a power source. Do not overcharge the candle lighter. One hour of charging should give your candle lighter full battery.


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